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How to install 58a/59a/77a brand new chip

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CF258A/CF259A/CF277A chip installation notice:

1. Essential tools: anti-static gloves, anti-static finger cots, insulated tweezers

2. Extreme temperature range: 0℃-60℃; storage humidity: 50%-70%

3. Please use within the temperature range of 0~40℃, and store within the temperature range of 20±5℃

4. The actual chip is consistent with the order requirements (chip model, chip version, chip capacity);

5. Please keep the power on state of device, or else the unstable current of the switch machine process is very likely to cause damage to the brand-new chip.

6. The printer has been turned on for a long time. If an error message appears, please operate the printer after the printer stops running! Or it may affect the performance of the chip.

7. Operators: Finger cots and anti-static wristbands must be worn during the entire production process, and the human body must not be in direct contact with the chip.

8. Workbench: The surface of the workbench must be an insulator, and it must have anti-static function.

9. Turnover and storage: Special pallets must be used for turnover and packaging storage during the production process.

10. It is not allowed to contact with metal objects or conductive objects to avoid the battery from being squeezed and stacked.

11. Please do not install the device for testing before the chip is shipped. If you need to perform a full inspection on the toner cartridge, please consult a salesperson to apply for special testing equipment.