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Automatic Production Lines For Toner Cartridges

Publish Time: 2023-01-30 Author: Origin:

    Recently, Ubuntu has invested in two new digital automatic production lines, one for Q2612A series and the other for CE285A/CC388A series, which are officially launched in January 2023. Our company originally had multiple automatic production lines for the first generation of black toner cartridges, and one digital automatic production line for the second generation of color toner cartridges. As a result, we will have the ability to produce 1 million toner cartridges per month.

       Compared to the first-generation automatic production line (reducing 15 people in the manual production line to 7-8 people, with an output of 300-400 per hour), these two automatic production lines belong to the new second-generation automation technology, which reduces the number of workers from 15 to 4, with the output to 600-700 per hour. They are almost the same as full-automatic digital production, with a smaller footprint, faster speed and higher precision. Whats more, they greatly improves product stability and delivery capabilities, which makes our customers reach a new level of reducing production costs and improving product competitiveness.

      In addition, we retain a number of manual production lines to meet some models with few order and different customization needs. Each manual production line maintains 15-20 people, and the monthly output of these manual production lines remains above 300,000.

       In the new year, we will continue to invest funds to increase our automatic production lines not only for filling and packaging, but also toner cartridges, drum kit, other accessories and so on, which is to meet the purchasing needs of our customers and keep up with the rapid pace after the epidemic.